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About Us

Our Story begins in Greece, back in 2010.  10 years ago, during our tour in Greek mountains and our accidental encounter with a Greek Beekeeper.  Our Tour in his traditional apiary and the fascinating way in which these insect work together it was the trigger to start our beekeeping journey.   Four months later, we placed our first beehives in our backyard space, to get know and study them and join their fascinating world.

Since then we became a part of a complex beautiful facet of the natural world and that is how “Premiel” was born.

“Premiel” is based on the words “Premium” and “Miel’, honey in Spanish.  Our name conveys the superior quality and describes the lavish taste of our products.

We are a family owned and operated company that want to offer  a premium quality honey-bee product straight from our bee-hives to your table.

Our priority is the health and well-being of our honey-bees.  We have decided, that our bees should not be harmed at any stage and we have worked to keep our commitment to them. We are proud to say that during the entire harvest process not a single bee is hurt.

We have grown quite a lot since 2010.  Today, everything has increased, our customers and of course our bees.  Our range has grown along with us. Our Premium Honey collection now proudly includes four different varieties of pure and finest forest honey of Greek Land along with Fresh Royal Jelly, Bee-Pollen and propolis.

Our Premium limited collection of Honey and Bee products is offered to a niche class of consumers who acknowledge our work and are both health conscious and have discerning taste of premium products.

“Premiel’, is not only an inspiring story of a family beekeeping team and their experience in the bees’ world, but it is also bursting with fascinating and practical information about all aspects of bees, beekeeping and honey, including the life inside the beehive, the role of the queen, drones and workers and much more.

Through our bee products, you can support the sustainable and responsible beekeeping, which will help to save the bees.