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About Us

Premiel is a premier Beekeeping unit founded in 2010 after an encounter with a Greek beekeeper. Driven by the inspiration that we were given by the beekeeper and developing a passion for watching the beautiful animals interacting with each other and the nature elements around them, we decided to establish a colony of ourselves in our backyard 4 months following the tour of the Greek apiary.

Our colony quickly grew and then became known as “Premiel”, as it is today. A mixture between two words that combine to mean “premium honey”, we try to live up to that reputation each and every day. Our products are made from premium, fresh, safe honey made by bees that are cared for by us and our family.

At Premiel, our priorities are quality products, but also safe bees. We love our bees and we are thankful for what they provide us. For that reason, we are happy to inform our vendors, guests, customers, and fans that throughout our harvesting process, not a single bee is injured. These amazing creatures have accomplished great things for mankind and for our family and for that, we honor them.

Our operation has grown quite a lot since our backyard startup in 2010, but the spirit and motivation that drives us has not. It will always be our priority to provide clean, safe products to our customers and create a safe environment for our bees. We continue to be an industry leader and grow our product line while also staying true to what has gotten us here.