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Our Philosophy

“Premiel”, is a modern Family Beekeeping unit, which was found in 2010.  We specialize in forest honey, a high nutritional value product, rich in minerals and trace elements with a unique taste of purity and exceptional aroma.

Health and well-being of our honey-bees is our priority.  We take care our bees only with natural healing remedies.

Our priority to provide our bees a safer environment where they can grow healthy.  Throughout the season we move our beehives in Greek nature, where the virgin forests and rich flora of Greek land help our bees to find nectar every season of the year.

Greek Traditional Beekeeping techniques is our practices and the Greek Mountains the land we grow our bees, where the ecosystem remains unaffected by any human intervention.

The health of the beehive reflects by how much honey is available into beehive.  Too much or too little honey can affect the bees’ chances of survival.

Is our aim not to compromise the health of our bees just to get the honey.  We collect not more than it is ours for the taking and thus our harvest is limited.

Our products are raw, pure and unprocessed without antibiotics, contaminants and other substances, maintaining unaltered their beneficial properties.

Unlike to people beliefs, Crystallization of honey is natural and spontaneous.  Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystalize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.  Our honey crystalizes over time which is sign of pureness.

Our aim is to offer you 100% natural products, straight from the beehive.  Our products are tested at certified laboratory to meet the standards of natural pure honey.

Our Bees

We take care our bees with natural healing remedies

Our Products

Raw, pure & unprocessed honey straight from the beehive to your table

Our Honey land

We grow our bees in the virgin forests and rich flora of Greek Land

Our Harvest

Our Philosophy not more than it is ours for taking  


Our Products are tested in certified laboratories. Free from antibiotics & pesticides